Keevan Family Name Personalied Slate Serving Tray Any Name

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Keevan Surname Gift Personalised with Any Name

Keevan Family Name Personalied Slate Serving Tray. A Perfect Personalised Family Gift. Engraved Surname on a Serving Tray. The Family Surname Keevan Origanates From the IRISH Tradations. Keevan Means: Kavanagh is one of the very few ancient Gaelic Irish surnames, which has neither the prefix 'Mac' or 'O': it is wrong to call it Ó Caomhánach in Irish. In Irish it is simply Caomhánach, which is an adjective denoting association with Caomhán, in this case St. Caomhán, the first Kavanagh having been fostered by a successor of this saint. First found in Co. Carlow.

Slate Family Serving Tray

Measures 350mm x 250mm

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