Mc Alee Family Name Personalied Slate Coaster Any Name

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Mc-Alee Personalised Gift Personalised with Any Name

Mc Alee Family Name Personalied Slate Coaster. A Perfect Personalised Family Gift. Engraved Surname on a Coaster. The Family Surname McAlee Origanates From the IRISH Tradations. McAlee Means: Lee is a fairly widespread name in Ireland, but as it is also a very common indigenous surname in England, it is impossible to say in the absence of a pedigree, or at least a well-established tradition, whether a family of the name in Ireland is Gaelic in origin or of planter stock. The latter were well established in Co. Tipperary and elsewhere at the beginning of the seventeenth century.

Slate Family Coaster

Measures 100mm x 100mm

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