Mc Kewon Family Name Personalied Slate Coaster Any Name

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Mc-Kewon Personalised Gift Personalised with Any Name

Mc Kewon Family Name Personalied Slate Coaster. A Perfect Personalised Family Gift. Engraved Surname on a Coaster. The Family Surname McKewon Origanates From the IRISH Tradations. McKewon Means: Though it originated in Co. Sligo, the sept of MacKeon may be regarded as belonging to the adjacent county of Leitrim, as it is there they are found both in medieval and modern times. The name, in Irish Mac Eoghain, simply means "son of John or Owen" (in the Tuam area it is sometimes anglicized as Johnson). This sept had an important branch in Co. Galway: the sixteenth century "Composition Book of Connacht" refers to lands in the barony of Kiltartan then called "Termon Brian MacOwen".

Slate Family Coaster

Measures 100mm x 100mm

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