Scullion Family Name Personalied Slate Coaster Any Name

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Scullion Personalised Gift Personalised with Any Name

Scullion Family Name Personalied Slate Coaster. A Perfect Personalised Family Gift. Engraved Surname on a Coaster. The Family Surname Scullion Origanates From the IRISH Tradations. Scullion Means: Though originally a Westmeath sept, as early as the twelfth century the Scullys were driven by Anglo-Norman pressure to Co. Tipperary and may be regarded as belonging to Munster - birth statistics place them chiefly in Co. Cork today. A branch of the family retained its lands in Co. Dublin up to 1256, when the property of William O'Scully passed into ecclesiastical possession.

Slate Family Coaster

Measures 100mm x 100mm

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