Toal Family Name Personalied Slate Coaster Any Name

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Toal Personalised Gift Personalised with Any Name

Toal Family Name Personalied Slate Coaster. A Perfect Personalised Family Gift. Engraved Surname on a Coaster. The Family Surname Toal Origanates From the IRISH Tradations. Toal Means: The O'Tooles are remarkable for their unremitting resistance to English attempts to conquer Ireland from the late twelfth century, when the Anglo-Norman invasion took place, down to the end of the seventeenth century, when the country was finally subdued. Nor is the name absent from the Roll of Honour in 1798. Their territory, though near Dublin, the seat of government, was admirably suited to resistance on account of its wooded and mountainous nature. Derived from "tuathal", meaning "people mighty".

Slate Family Coaster

Measures 100mm x 100mm

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